Wednesday, October 8, 2008


One of the first artists that caught my eye when I was new to Deviantart was karincoma, aka Polish artist Karolina Szafran, who does striking images in mostly black and white, with a splash of colour. Although she's moved on to more cyberpunk, dark/futuristic themed work, it's her earlier, more fashion-related images I like the most:

outfit 2004-24-09 by `karincoma on deviantART

Her characters are always drawn with a sense of elegance and grace, and her images evoke a certain feeling of lightness and airiness, with slick, clean lines and simple beauty.


Lee said...

i dont see me putting this up on a wall, unless the whole room was theemd to fit. or there was so much randome stuff and in that case it would not stand out in the mess

collarbones said...

hm, i kind of know what you mean.but if everything else was themed to fit it would be a bit girly for you anyway

Tom Meade said...

I like this one:

Lee said...

i'm girly on the inside