Wednesday, December 29, 2010

some shout outs

Several months ago, someone called 'peach tutu' added me on blogspot. I appreciated the add but they didn't have a blog, so I assumed it was a stranger.

Now I check back, look at the blog and who does it turn out to be?

My sister. HAHA LOLWUT

Here is her blog:

Another shout out I would like to make is of a graphic designer I know, Lisa who just finished her degree:

It's a small site but full of clever typography stuff and fun with colours.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As nice as some of these outfits are, these people do not look rugged up enough for below zero temperatures. I couldn't manage even 10 degree weather in some of these 'winter fashions'. @_@

tights do not warm the legs, trust me I've tried...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

sorry about my hiatus (whoever's reading this)

I have been in Hong Kong for the past month or so, working as a 'supply teacher' with little kids at an after-school learning centre, mostly aged 4-10. Which is pretty interesting to say the least, if not a bit tiring. It's definitely more fun than an office job-I mainly just do a bit of English phonic practice, check their homework, and try and keep them from running around throwing toys at each other. Lol.

This place (Hong Kong I mean), while a hub of activity, has an interesting effect on me. Visually, what with all the people, ridiculous amount of street fashions, signage, and other things going on, can be overstimulating and do the opposite of inspiring after a while, so one has to unwind and rest one's mind a bit. Anywhere spacious enough to stretch out your arms without touching anybody is an oasis, and any patch of greenery is a miracle. Libraries are a sanctuary; borrowed a small stack of books at the local one today. They have a lot of social science and psychology books which is swish, and play beautiful piano pieces over the PA when it's time to leave (probably not a good idea since it makes people want to stay).

In somewhat relating to this blog's news, I will be seeing Tron sometime since it looks all sexy and futuristic and stuff. I also want to see Black Swan despite the twist being sorta obvious from the reviews.

Mhmm. I'll do a post with actual aesthetic content later maybe.