Wednesday, December 29, 2010

some shout outs

Several months ago, someone called 'peach tutu' added me on blogspot. I appreciated the add but they didn't have a blog, so I assumed it was a stranger.

Now I check back, look at the blog and who does it turn out to be?

My sister. HAHA LOLWUT

Here is her blog:

Another shout out I would like to make is of a graphic designer I know, Lisa who just finished her degree:

It's a small site but full of clever typography stuff and fun with colours.


peach tutu. said...

hello lovely sis, check out the stuff i'm selling on eBay!
dw, you won't find your room sold when you come back from hk!

peach tutu. said...

what an interesting outfit. i reckon it would've looked very herolike XD next time, take a photo!