Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minus webcomic and mnem

MINUS is a webcomic written and drawn by artist Ryan Armand, aka Rezo.

It's a beautifully illustrated series of vignettes involving a special little girl and her ability to make anything happen, limited only by her imagination. She doesn't shy away from being cheeky and even a little naughty at times, but the pretty watercolour pictures keep it light, providing a whimsical and day-dreamy atmosphere, reminiscent of breezy yet sunny childhood days.

In related territory, while going on a slight Harry Potter binge after seeing the recent film, I came across mnem's art while browsing a HP wiki. Her art can be found here:

Although it's fanart, it strays away from the more typical anime-esque or stylised cartoon styles commonly drawn in this fandom, and instead provides warm and enchanting homages to the books, delicately rendered, like Minus, in watercolour, and has a similarly escapist quality to it. Like the comic, it takes you to a different place; this time the fantasy world of Hogwarts. The endearing little illustrations look like they could be used for future editions of the book; in fact at first I even wondered whether her illustrations had been used for foreign editions of the book. But no, just a humble fan doing it for free. Her blog is totally sweet as well.

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