Monday, October 19, 2009

tales of terror from the black ship

Recently I was browsing the shelves of Box Hill Library, looking for possible manga to read when I came across this book:

I thoroughly enjoyed these short stories and flicked through it eagerly, each story keeping me on the edge of my seat, the scratchy illustrations by David Roberts suiting the morbid atmosphere perfectly. Even though it's marketed as a kids' book, the book is fine for adults to read too; in fact it's probably too creepy and the writing too sophisticated for kids under 12, and the storytelling is definitely compelling enough to draw in those of all ages. I particularly enjoyed the stories 'Irezumi' and 'The Boy in the Boat'. So if you're after something dark and haunting but really fascinating and quick to read, then I recommend this book. Apparently the author Chris Priestley has 2 other 'Tales of Terror' books as well...I should get around to reading those. The website for these books is pretty entertaining:

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