Sunday, June 5, 2011


I should exercise my creative energies more; did some doodles/sketches the other night. They were slightly inspired by a graphic novel called Koko be Good by Jen Wang, a fun yet introspective look at growing up vs. holding onto youth and looking after the needs of others vs. your own, it's pretty relevant to most of us in the quarter-life crisis :P. I really love the characters' expressions and poses especially that of the title character Koko, a kind of sponger/vagabond who decides to change and be 'good' while jumping, skipping and sliding everywhere and making faces.

Here's a panel:

Gotta love that perspective.

This winter looks to be nice, cosy, and relaxed, I hope yours is too.
Meanwhile, here's some music to go along with it:

I should really get Jimmy Eat World's older albums, and Third Eye Blind too.

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Sydney said...

im running our of creative juice :/